PESHAWAR - Meeting of opposition parties in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Monday concluded without reaching consensus to evolve a joint strategy of moving no-confidence’ motion against Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.

Three opposition parties did not attend the meeting whereas the PML-N leader reached late, sources said.

Despite the fact that the JUI-F and the PML-N had formally contacted other opposition parties and the five disgruntled MPAs of the PTI to draw a future line of action in the view of ousting the QWP from the provincial cabinet, consensus could not be evolved in the meeting.

The meeting was attended by the Opposition leader in the KP Assembly, Maulana Lutfur Rehman, and three disgruntled lawmakers of the PTI, Qurban Ali Khan, Ziaullah Afridi and Javed Naseem.

The PML-N parliamentary leader, Aurangzeb Nalota could not attend the meeting as it had already concluded when he arrived to attend.

The ANP, QWP and PPP did not send their representatives to the meeting.

Thus, the meeting concluded without making any decision. It was, however, decided to require the KP Assembly session so that to give a tough time to the ruling PTI.

Sources told that the JUI-F top leadership, during today’s meeting conveyed a message to the opposition parties to put on hold the no-confidence issue at this stage against Pervez Khattak not for long but just for a week, as they are expecting more developments on political horizon related to the KP soon.

It is unclear what changes could be that, however, it is believed that the working relationship between the PTI and its allied partner, the JI, is not good these days. So anything can happen in the KP Assembly, sources said.

It was decided in the meeting that another meeting of the opposition parties would be called soon in the light of the expected developments.

Meanwhile, Ziaullah Afridi, a former minister of the PTI, on Monday submitted an adjournment motion at the Assembly Secretariat. He took the stance in the move that as the KP CM had recently said that he had the support of 75 MPAs, however, in reality, the PTI and JI have only the support of 68 altogether.

It's mean, the KP chief minister has started horse-trading with a purpose to get the support of maximum lawmakers, thus, it was requested to the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Apex courts to take notice of the situation and stop the chief executive of the province from doing so.