PR LAHORE - Responding to an article published in Daily The Nation on Monday, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) clarified that there was no compensation clause in contract made with the BCCI as it did not fall under the ICC’s umbrella.

“Ref Mohsin Ali's article in The Nation of 7th August, the PCB would like to clarify some issues. All the contracts signed by the BCCI with all the cricket boards, including Pakistan, omitted to note any compensation clause because these were not guaranteed under the ICC umbrella.

Still, the PCB is seeking compensation from the BCCI of tens of millions of dollars under the ICC dispute resolution mechanism,” PCB said in a statement.

The statement also noted that the correspondent had not waited for the Anti Spot Fixing Tribunal to deliver its judgment and has prematurely announced that Sethi is guilty of initiating a false case against Sharjeel Khan and suggested that the remarks may backfire after the tribunal announces its verdict.