The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shown opposition to the hosting of Under-19 Asia Cup by India. Owing to the charged political environment between the neighboring countries, Pakistan is indisposed to tour India for the tournament which is to be held in Bengaluru.

India will host the U-19 Asia Cup in November of this year but there is rising opposition from the PCB, which is set to issue a resolution demanding the tournament be shifted to another neutral venue. This resolution will be put forward during the upcoming meetings of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) which are to be held on August 11 and 12 with Shaharyar Khan acting as current chairperson.

In his statement, Najam Sethi, head of the PCB’s executive committee, mentioned that Pakistan will put the matter forward to the committee in Colombo in August. “There are sufficient neutral venues outside India and Pakistan where the tournament can be scheduled. Pakistan being the current head of ACC can put forward such a demand for consideration.”

According to the report by an Indian newspaper, the Board of Cricket Control in India has already forwarded the request to the Indian government to seek consent for the tournament since a team from Pakistan will be participating. PCB sources have revealed to ESPNcricinfo that Pakistan is eager to play the tournament but is fearful of any arising problems.

“We want to participate in the tournament but it will be unfeasible to play in India considering the current relationship between the two countries. There are going to be visa problems, and other conflicts outside the field. We are hesitant to put our players under such inconvenience.”

The meeting will also raise the issue of the Western Region qualification round for the U-19 tournament which is scheduled for October in Kuwait. The diplomatic crisis in the Gulf region makes it difficult for the match to take place in Qatar, as nine teams of the Western Region also include teams of countries that have broken ties with it: Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. The boards of these teams have voiced out their concerns.

The PCB has also sent a notice to BCCI which brings forward a dispute between the two boards regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed in 2014. The memorandum was developed to resolve fixtures between the two countries during the 2015-2023 period. Initially, it was expected that talks would allow both countries to engage on the matter, and find a solution. But in light of the failure to do so, the PCB has hired a UK based legal firm to sue the BCCI for compensation. PCB has also authorized an amount of over PKR 1 billion to fund the legal proceedings.

The senior teams of Pakistan and India have not faced each other in a bilateral series of any format since 2012-13. The teams have confronted each other eight times in multi-national tournaments, one of which was hosted by India for the 2016 World T20 group match in Kolkata.