ISLAMABAD: Police, on Monday, reported that three people, including a woman and her daughter, were murdered in a case of honour killing in a rural area of the federal capital.

The three were found murdered in a house at Madina Colony in Sangjani. The victims were bore torture marks all over their bodies.

The whereabouts of the woman’s husband and eight other children are unknown.

The bodies were found when the owner of the house observed blood spilling into the drains from inside. The owner, who lived in a nearby house, called the police who reached the spot and broke into the house.

According to the police, the body of the woman was found in the veranda while the bodies of two other women were found on the floor of the room. The dead bodies had multiple stab wounds all over them, including the abdomen, neck, face and arms.

Their faces had been smashed with stones by the killer(s).

The victims were identified as Saeedullah, Miraj Bibi and her daughter Jamila Bibi. Miraj Bibi was in her late 50s and her daughter in the early 20s.

The incident happened in Buner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The police contacted their relatives after which the father and brother of Saeedullah reached the capital.

The relatives identified the body of Saeedullah but could not confirm who the two women were.

“We do not know their names but they look like our distant relatives,” they told the police.

According to the neighbours, Miraj Bibi, her husband and their nine children had rented the house on August 1. The police said Saeedullah used to visit the house occasionally and called the couple his uncle and aunt.

The police said the woman’s husband his other eight children along with a vehicle were missing from the house. “Their whereabouts are not known,” they added.

A police officer revealed that Saeedullah resided abroad and had recently started working at the Sabzi Mandi after his return to Pakistan. He used to travel in his loading vehicle and used to transport vegetables and fruits.

Jamila Bibi was  married in Buner and her mother had brought her back without the permission of her in-laws. Her husband worked abroad but these days he was back in Pakistan, the officer stated.

It is not known why the family had moved to the Islamabad from Buner. However it is confirm that they started living at the house in Sarjani on 1st August.

Circumstantial evidence points the incident being a case of honour killings. It is being assumed that the killers had used used sedatives before killing the three people.