OKARA-The City police have started a crackdown on plateless and unregistered motorcycles. The city police have taken severe action against the motorbikes carrying bogus number plates in different areas including 1/4L, Govt Colony, City Cemetery, Octroi Post No.2 and bridge of 4L miner. The police have so far impounded about 500 motorcycles. The citizens are following legal procedure for recovery of their bikes.

A social "Organization Tehzeeb Okara" held its annual elections and elected Dr Azam Khan as its chairman. Munir Ch was elected as chief executive, Sheikh Shehbaz Shaheen as patron-in-chief, Dr Iftikhar Amjad as president, Prof Riaz Khan as general secretary, Ch Ghulam Mustafa as senior vice president, Ihtesham Jamil Shami as vice president, Ch Arshad as vice chairman, Zulfiqar Malik as additional secretary and Ch Shahid Lateef as secretary.