KASUR-Drug-peddling is at its peak in Mustafabad and surrounding areas as the police are 'reluctant' to lasso the influential drug-lords who seem to have carte blanche to carry out their illegal business with impunity.

According to a survey report, the unlawful business of drug-dealers is growing under the alleged police patronage as they pay them monthly to keep their drug-rackets untouched. It has been learnt that action against ordinary drug-peddlers has become a routine matter for police but there is no decrease in sale of the drugs as the influential drug-lords often go scot-free. They bribe the police official to avoid judicial proceedings against them.

During the survey, locals told The Nation that narcotics were sold overtly in the streets of Mustafabad and its suburbs which was an alarming situation for residents, especially youths.

Inhabitants of Mustafabad have appealed to Punjab IG Police Arif Nawaz, Kasur DPO Muntazir Mehdi, and other police officers to take notice of the grave situation and order a vigorous crackdown on drug-lords and their subordinates. They also demanded the police high-ups look deeply into the allegations of cops' involvement in patronizing the drug-rackets. "The policemen found guilty of sheltering the drug-peddlers should be dealt with sternly," they stated.

Kasur police matchless

sacrifices commended

The great nations never forget the sacrifices of their martyrs who render their lives for the future of the nation. "A nation actually lives with the impetus it gets from the blood spilled for its dignity and protection."

These remarks were stated by District Police Officer [DPO] Muntazir Mehdi during a ceremony held in the honour of police martyrs here the other day.

He termed the martyred cops crown of the police department, and saying that it was due these martyrs that the morale of the district police was still high and the task of upholding the rule of law was just near to achieve. The DPO highlighted the fact that as many as 28 police officials had martyred in the line of duty. "The sacrifices they have rendered for maintaining law and order on a part of their motherland will never go in vain," he stated.

Kasur Deputy Commissioner Rana Arshad Mehmood said that the sacrifices of police martyrs were unmatchable and would never be forgotten. "The martyred policemen are our heroes. We will never leave their families in the lurch," he vowed.

A smart police contingent presented guard of honour at the graves of police martyrs. Later, cash prizes and gifts were distributed to the martyrs' families. A bike was given to the son of a martyred sub inspector after lucky draw.

Pakistan's national anthem and songs were played on the occasion. People lauded the police for organizing such a graceful ceremony in the remembrance of martyrs.

A luncheon was given to the martyrs' families at the end of the ceremony. DC Rana Arshad and DPO Kasur had had a meal with the martyrs' families. ASP Saddr M Zubair Naseer, DSP City M Arshad, DSP Chunian Arshad Hayat, and other officials also attended the luncheon.