OKARA-Six persons including two women and three minor brothers died in different incidents on Tuesday.

According to rescue sources, a man and a woman died while seven others sustained injuries in collision between a bus and a trailer on GT Road near 12/1AL village. A Multan-bound bus from Lahore collided with a trailer on GT Road. The bus was going to Multan via Okara. Near 12/1AL village, a tyre of the bus burst. As a result, it climbed onto the footpath and collided with a Lahore-bound trailer. The bus hostess Isha, and a passenger namely Ghulam Murtaza of Gujranwala died on the spot. Seven other passengers got injured and were rushed to hospital by Rescue 1122. Their condition was stated to be critical. Renala Khurd Saddr police were investigating.

In another incident, a woman died after falling into River Sutlej following a head-on collision between two motorbikes. Abdal Shah and his wife Shamshad Bibi of Head Sulemanki were on their way on a motorcycle. As the reached the mid of the bridge over Sutlej River, the bike they were travelling on collided head-on with another motorcycle. Shamshad Bibi fell off the bike and then fell into the river from the railing-less bridge.

On the other hand, three brothers died of dehydration; the fourth is in critical condition at a hospital. Four minor sons of Allah Ditta-Faryad, Rehan, Abdur Rehman and Makhan-fell prey to dehydration at Rathoranwala village, Haveli Lakha. Two of them including Abdur Rahman, 5, and Rehan, 4, died at home before being taken to hospital. Faryad died at the hospital.

The fourth 2-year-old boy was admitted to hospital and was stable now. Hospital MS Dr Tanveer said that the lives of the children could have been saved if they had been brought to the hospital in time. The deceased minors were buried in a local cemetery.