KARACHI - Police Tuesday night ended hours-long hostage situation at a factory in Sohrab Goth area of the city when it arrested a former factory worker - expelled from the job two months ago - who took his colleagues hostage at gunpoint over of non-payment of dues from the company owners.

The situation arose on Tuesday evening when Saleem Shahzad - who worked at a stone crush plant located in Sohrab Goth area, within the remits Gadap City police station - took his colleagues as hostages and demanded the authorities to ensure recovery of his dues. However, the police after hours-long siege ended the drama after luring the culprit to negotiation on terms that his amount would be paid.

SSP East Munir Shaikh while talking to The Nation said that the factory worker Saleem Shehzad was expelled from the factory eight months ago over some issues while factory management did not paid his dues.

Following the non-payment of his dues he reached Karachi from his hometown Rajanpur to get his dues from the factory management. Plant manager Mansoor Barki declined to pay his dues which resulted in the culprit pulling out a pistol and holding three of his former colleagues’ hostage at gunpoint.

The workers made hostages included Haq Nawaz, Dilshad and Salman Hussain.

SSP Shaikh said that Haq Nawaz managed to flee from the captivity while rest of two workers remains hostage. The police official said that he also claimed during the hostage process that he had an explosive bag and warned to explode himself if his demands would not be fulfilled.

He said that the accused apparently psychopath and police trying to rescue rest of the hostage workers without any harm and hopefully rescued them in next couple of hours. Heavy police contingents rushed on the spot and cordoned off the plant area.

In a video viral in social media, colleague Salman Hussain appealed authorities to take action and resolve the issue. The accused demanded to talk to Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Army Chief and also seek TV program to justify his act according to the Quran, the colleague said.

The police had recovered a pistol from the custody of the accused and shifted him to an undisclosed location for further interrogation. The officials would probe regarding the possible motives of the accused.