ISLAMABAD (APP) - Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) considered a great solace for consumers in need of handy cash became a source of nuisance in the twin cities, many of them shutting down unannounced just before Eid. These out of order ATMs have dashed hopes of many consumers to celebrate Eid in a benefitting manner. As many bank customers left ATMs empty handed they were picture of despair as some desperately needed money in their pockets to purchase sacrificial animals and some want to do last minute shopping. People need cash but as usual they should not expect banks to come to their rescue and they will be forced to borrow money from relatives and friends. Banks will be closed during the Eid holidays with no presence of staff to refill the ATMs with cash. The salaried class already crushed under the burden of rising prices of all kinds of stuff including food will be further hard pressed with closed ATMs. Throughout the day, one can see rush of customers milling around ATMs of different banks to withdraw the money. For many it was a hunt from one bank branch to another. "I am waiting for about 20 minutes for my turn and I think it is going to take some more time," said Arshad Ahmad at a crowded ATM. During the festivals people prefer to withdraw cash from ATMs rather than going to branches for withdrawals. "Rush at branches is huge so in order to save their time people prefer to withdraw money from ATMs," he said. Many customers were seen complaining that ATMs where not loaded with enough cash and at few place the machine screens were give quirky messages. "I tried to withdraw the amount yesterday night but could not despite visiting more than three ATMs," said Ali Muhammad twitching his fingers, a sign of anxiety. The out of order ATMs especially run by public sector banks are a common sight. And many of these ATMs stop functioning at the start of the month when people see bills of all sorts landing at their doorsteps.So again the people are looking towards the government to come to their rescue. But for Eid it is too late if they are looking for closed ATMs to open again to load their hands with cash. And if not this time then at least the next time, it should be ensured that banks take their ATMs seriously, which they have supposedly set up to facilitate their customers.