KATE Beckinsale still hasn't passed her driving test, despite trying for 18 years. The "Nothing But the Truth" actress has vowed to conquer her fear of being behind the wheel, revealing her confidence was boosted after she recently mastered a golf cart. She said: "I'm looking forward to knowing how to drive because I get those anxiety dreams where I'm suddenly in control of a car on the freeway. I'm assuming those will go once I know how to drive. I drove a golf cart on holiday and did quite admirably with that. That's a start." Earlier this year, the 35-year-old British beauty admitted she had failed the theory part of her driving test. - EXPO and was beginning to fear her young daughter Lily will get her license before she does. Kate said: "I applied for my permit and then I failed the written test. It was, 'How many units of alcohol are you permitted to have.' I don't know that. My daughter is nine. Soon she will have passed her test, then she can drive me around. Or I'll get one of those old persons' motorized chairs."