ISLAMABAD (Online)- As Eid nears, most people have left the federal capital to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha at their respective hometowns, giving a deserted look to Islamabad. Buses and coaches full with passengers have started leaving people for their destinations from terminals of the twin cities, including Karachi Company, Pirwadhai, Faizabad and Swan. Most of the population of Islamabad consist of people from different parts of the country, who come here in search of jobs and education and leave the city for their villages for Eid celebrations. The main markets, public places and other recreational points in the capital showed less crowd as compared to other days. Contrary to this, the bus stands, railways station and airport were crowded with the people. Taking advantage of the event the ticket mafia has become active and selling tickets of public transport on double rates. The public transport plying between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was seen very limited as many people have hired the vehicles to leave for their native towns and other places. Islamabad on Eid festivals presents a deserted look, making difficult for police to ensure security and people often complain of thefts on their return from their hometowns. But this time, the police have taken precautionary measures and have asked the people to inform them before leaving for their hometowns.