ISLAMABAD - While majority of people has left for their native towns to celebrate Eid, the deserted sectors of twin cities are providing "ample opportunities" for burglars and thieves to "accomplish" their tasks. The residents of the twin cities, most of them form working class, hail from far-flung areas of Pakistan, who prefer to visit their native towns occasionally, especially on Eid and family get-togethers. However, the absence of people from their homes proves to be a worrisome factor for them since people are occupied with the safety of their homes and household belongings, which they leave behind, while being away from homes. Masses from upper class and upper middle class, who can afford to hire security guards or servants to look after their homes on Eid, do not seem to be troubled much. While those who lack resources for such arrangements are left with no alternative then to bear with the situation. TheNation interviewed some residents of the twin cities whose homes were burglarised while they were out to celebrate Eid. Mushtaq from Bhara Kahu said that he, along with family had gone to his birthplace Lallian, Sargodha, to celebrate Eid last year. He reported that just a couple of days after they had reached Sargodha, Mushtaq received a call from neighbours informing him that his house had been burglarised. "On Eid's next day, our neighbours called us to inform that our precious belongings have been stolen," he lamented adding that he preferred not to take up the matter with the police. "Our police are good for nothing, going to police in such cases simply adds insult to injury," deplored Mushtaq who has decided to celebrate the recent Eid here, owing to bitter experience during the same occasion in past. Another resident Junaid from G-9 said that government employees and working class prefer to take a week or ten days off from their offices on Eid. "This provides a golden chance to the burglars to break in and steal everything they can," he observed opining the number of robberies and burglaries during Eid days is much greater as compared to the rest of the days of the year. "In our street, three cases of dacoities were reported on last Eid, while a government employee living in the next street had been robbed a few days back," he mentioned. The residents have alleged that the inefficiency of police coupled with the absence of police patrolling cars and mobile squads, and lack of surveillance in residential areas gives the malign elements a free hand to conduct their heinous activities. When contacted, some police officials here, asking for anonymity, confirmed the problems pertaining to lack of patrolling and surveillance by police during Eid days. "Yes that's true that crime rate increases during such occasions, but it's something we can't help as most of our lower staffers go on vacations to their native cities to celebrate Eid," they said. A senior police official stated on emotional note, "We work almost around the clock throughout the year. Very often, our weekly holidays are cancelled and we have to be on duty. Don't our men deserve any right to get off from their work on Eid? Aren't they human beings?" The senior cop argued that the solution of the problem lies in the allocation of maximum funds for police, appointment of new staff and increase in salary plus other facilities in Police department. We are suffering from lack of staff, salaries, and facilities. How come we protect the residents when majority of our staffers is deputed on roads and check posts to foil terrorist attempts? He asked.