Travelling from one place to another has become very important especially for students as they have to go from their residential area to their school or college. Most private and government schools and colleges have started providing transport but there are still millions of students who have to depend on public transport. The transport system is in the hands of illiterate money grabbing groups, with investors in the back ground without effective checks and balances.

It is believed that Punjab government is doing much for the youth. I wonder why no one is addressing such a pressing need of the students. At the moment, the sufferers are the working middle class, university or college students and young professionals, who don’t have a car of their own. There needs to be a better transport system as the Daewoo busses are insufficient for all the commuters in the city and many commuters cannot afford the fare or do not have the bus plying in their area.

In Lahore there is metro bus service but there aren’t enough buses and those that are plying are overloaded all the time. Mini-wagons cruising on the streets are beyond human tolerance as they tend to stuff in as many people as they can with no regard to life or limb. There is a dire need to establish an excellent transport system inside the city linking it with its surrounding rural areas.


Lahore, December 3.