Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that gone were the days of injustice and tyranny and now supremacy of the law and justice reign supreme in letter and spirit.

"The judiciary has yet to struggle hard to get the fundamental rights delivered to both the rich and poor on the high principle of equality", Justice Chaudhry added while addressing a grand reception hosted in his honour by Mirpur District Bar Association and the AJK Bar Council here late the other night.

CJP-designate Justice Tassadaq Hussain Jillani, AJK Chief Justice Muhammad Azam Khan, AJK High Court Chief Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal, Mirpur District Bar Association President Sardar Ijaz Nazir, AJK Bar Council Vice Chairman Raja Sadaqat Hussain and DBA General Secretary Chaudhry Abdul Razaq also addressed the ceremony. CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry was flanked by CJP-designate Justice Tassadaq Hussain Jillani and Justice Khilji Arif and Justice Sheir Alam of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the occasion.

Justice Iftikhar Ch said that Pakistan was passing through a crucial period being a victim of extremism, terrorism and rampant sectarianism in society.

"The phenomenon of terrorism, requires all the stakeholders of the governance system to play their respective roles and responsibilities in the larger interest of sovereignty of the nation and safety and security of the life and property of citizens as enshrined in the constitution", he said, adding that all efforts to combat the menace call for a multi-pronged strategy.

The CJP continued that as far as the judicial organ was concerned, strenuous efforts were being made at all levels of the judicial hierarchy to imperiously decide the cases involving terrorism and bring the offenders to book. He underlined that in the last few years, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had allocated a considerable portion of its working time to addressing the issue of missing persons and resultantly a large number of innocent persons had been got released. "I am confident that the law and order situation in our country will soon improve and we look forward to an era of peace, tranquillity and progress in the society", Justice Iftikhar Ch hoped.

The CJP said that the judiciary was always determined to ensure the establishment of society based on equality and justice for ensuring dispensation of equal rights to the masses without any discrimination and prejudice. Referring to the situation of peace and order in the country, the CJP said that the country was facing the current issue of terrorism for the time being. "Terrorism is not a permanent problem", he observed adding that it will vanish when the institutions will be strong and there would be no any difference between poor and rich and when both would be treated on equal grounds. He said that the legal fraternity will also have to perform their due role to this direction. Justice Chaudhry further advised the lawyers that they should also assume it their duty that there should be no any harm to the respect and honour of the judiciary in the future as well.

Paying rich tributes to the AJK lawyers for their active role during the nation-wide movement for restoration of judiciary and the revival of supremacy of law, justice and constitution in the country, Justice Iftikhar Ch said, "I am confident that the lawyers of Pakistan as well as AJK would continue striving hard for legal and judicial reformation as well through their active participation in the endeavours aimed at improving the justice dispensation system and enforcement of fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution".

 The ceremony was largely attended by the legal fraternity from across AJK besides the judges of superior and subordinate judiciary including Justice Ibrahim Zia and Justice Raja Saeed Akram of AJK Supreme Court, CEC and Judge AJK HC Munir Hussain Ch, Justice Sardar Abdul Hameed, Justice Tabassam Aftab Alvi, Justice Jehandad Khan, Justice Azher Salim Baber and Justice Abdul Rasheed Sulehriya, Chairman Service Tribunal Justice Khalid Hussain Gillani and Judge AJK Accountability Court Khawer Jirral, DSJ Raja Raja Tariq Javed, officials of civil administration and members of the print and electronic media.