Due to restraints people have to go very early to get CNG. This morning, at 4.30 am when I went to fill gas in my car, I noticed a bus which belonged to the government getting CNG filled at the pump in Rawalpindi Cantonment in spite of the fact there’s a ban on buses and multi-cylinder vehicles having CNG kits fitted. When the upholders of law do not follow the law, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and we have to then question our law making machinery. I was also told that daily four buses of the government get CNG from this pump. Though the government cannot be faulted for this law breaking, yet, someone down the chain is misusing his authority and not ordering the buses to be filled with petrol or diesel instead of CNG. I hope that we can slowly become a law abiding nation who respects our own laws which are made for our good!


Rawalpindi, December 4.