Lahore - Chaudhry Ishtiaq, a presidential candidate for next Lahore Bar Association elections, stated on Saturday some powers had deliberately created a gulf between the bar and the bench.

“These elements are actually the investors who had tried to divide the legal fraternity in the past by offering them money and jobs. Babar Awan is an example to that end,” Ishtiaq told a press conference at the Press Club here.

“Abolishing this vacuum, created by people like Babar Awan, is my top priority,” he asserted. Earlier, Group of Friends, a group of senior lawyers, headed by Muhammad Azam Sultan Soharwardy, announced their full support for Chaudhry Ishtiaq for next elections.

Ishtiaq expressed his determination for the construction of a hospital for lawyers, acquisition of residential plots and fool proof solution of young lawyers’ basic problems. He claimed he was the nominated candidate of the profession group, headed by Hamid Kahn that enjoyed full support of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

On his turn, Azam Sultan Soharwardy said Chaudhry Ishtiaq was the best choice for the presidential slot and that was why his group had decided to support him during the next elections. He also said that Ishtiaq was a true professional and had the ability to do a lot for his community.

Former Supreme Court Bar Association vice-president Mian Waheed Akthar said some non-serious elements had created rift among the bar and the bench, and that Ishtiaq was the person who could bring the two institutes back on track.