The CM Qaim Ali Shah recently said in a press conference that the law and order had improved in Karachi; I think our CM is living in fool’s paradise. While the fact is that 15 people were shot dead in the city on the day he gave this statement, two Moroccans from a Tableeghi Jamaat, a Shiah leader and a supervisor of Payam Scouts were killed. Further he is also satisfied with the performance of the police and the Rangers for the ongoing targeted operation. The reports given by various organizations, as well as our own CPLC record shows that 155 people were killed in September, 174 in October and almost 200 in November. After the execution of so-called targeted operation which is being carried out for the last three months, no fruitful results have been seen. In the light of the above figures, I would like to ask our CM who is killing these people?


Karachi, December 4.