Peshawar is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan and the area has been embroiled in armed conflicts for decades. The people of this region not only manufacture guns, they also use them and that is why they are considered good marksmen. A few years back when I visited UK, I managed to take part in a Skeet shooting competition and to the surprise of all and myself, I won the competition and kept on winning for two straight years. On my return to Pakistan I was hopeful of joining a professional shooting club. Unfortunately the closest shooting club is in Islamabad and they want 25 Lac Rs for membership. The Pakistan Army had announced to open a Wah Shooting Club and a Peshawar Army Stadium Shooting Club but due to the security problems these plans were scrapped.

Recently the Pakistan Army Chief has started shooting competition among the armed forces, I would like to request him to please also start a shooting club for civilians in Peshawar and hold civilian competitions here. If we find and train a few good players they can help Pakistan win medals in international competitions. These will also help promote the weapon manufacturing quality of Pakistan, increase export of Pakistani made ammunition.


Peshawar, December 4.