O God! Bring peace to my land. The soil that united the nation is crying again as another nationalist has been butchered in the sacred land for whose sovereignty and peace he was praying. Dr Khalid Somro a renowned religious scholar and leading member of JUI-F is no more with us. He lived his last moments where he was spreading the message of Islam, in a mosque in Sukkur. People of Larkana gathered in the Municipal Stadium to pay their regard and bless this brave man on Saturday and every eye was mournful. Larkana is being punished for producing such brave fighters, earlier Bhutto’s and Bashir Qureshi and now a voice of Islam but the land won’t stop producing charismatic leaders till the Day of Judgment and there would always be one voice there to guide people. Maybe the Government will wake up and do something to stop these brutal crimes but it has never been the case in such high profile murder cases. Dr. Khalid will be remembered for his voice in the Senate of Pakistan and on Media as a true politician and voice of Sind.


Karachi, November 29.