KARACHI      -      Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said on Saturday that graduates of the NED University were working at key positions in Pakistan and abroad.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 28th Convocation of the NED University of Engineering and Technology, Ismail said the incumbent government was investing in education and students must serve the country and the nation after getting higher education.

Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood, Pakistan Engineering Council Chairman Javed Salim Qureshi and a large number of students and parents were present at the event.

The governor said that results of the government’s economic policies had begun to appear. He said a report issued by the International Economic Organisation had stated that 70 percent of the world economy would depend on the Pakistani economy in 2024. He said the Kamyab Jawan Programme had been launched for young entrepreneurs and loans were being given to the skilled and educated youth on easy terms under this programme.

Ismail said that development of the country depended on capable and talented graduates coming out of the universities as universities were centres of higher education, research and development and they had a direct impact on the national economy.

The governor said that graduates were going to start their professional careers today and they would have to keep in view the interest of the country and the nation in every scenario. He said that establishment of links with renowned Chinese universities through a consortium of CPEC by NED was a good omen. He said that NED University was contributing to the economy of the country by utilising research efforts. In this regard, he said, the NED University had set up the first water institute and this was commendable.

Ismail said it was a proud moment that the number of PhD teachers at NED University had increased significantly and most of whom had served at the leading international universities. “I wish the teachers transfer knowledge to the new generation with all enthusiasm and hard work. I am delighted to find the NED University has close links with international educational institutions that prove to be fruitful for young people in acquiring contemporary technology,” he said.

Addressing students, the governor said the country had a lot of expectations from the new graduates and he wanted them to utilize their potential and contribute to the development of the country. He assured the audience that the government would continue to support the NED University vis-a-vis educational projects, research and development programmes.

Addressing the ceremony, Prof Dr Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi said, “We are the only university in Pakistan where Chinese language education is compulsory. This will be very beneficial for engineers in future.”

At the 2019 certificates distribution ceremony, he said, 13 students were awarded PhD degrees and 27 students were given gold medals. He said the total number of graduates this year from the NED was 2,113 and the number of master degree holders was 843.