LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has condemned the attack on media offices, saying the government will be ultimately considered responsible for the act if it is unable to expose and proceed against the elements involved in them.

Talking to journalists after addressing the Northern Punjab Youth Leadership Convention at Mansoora on Saturday, he said the government needed to understand that it was impossible to control the media in this age of information.

The rulers, he said, on one side were befooling the youth through the tactics like “Digital Pakistan” while on the other side they were trying to curb the media. He said he feared the government’s claim to bring about revolution in technology sector would also meet the same fate as of its all other slogans it made during the election campaign.

To a question, he said he had no idea of “in-house change” or any other option under consideration of political parties. However, he added there was no harm if country was going toward mid-term polls. But, he clarified that the JI would not support any undemocratic move to oust the government.

The JI chief advised the government to act wisely and avoid creating any drama on the issue of extension of tenure of the COAS. He said the government was trying to create political stability to divert the people’s attention from real issues of Kashmir and inflation.

He said skyrocketing inflation and unemployment had turned the life of common man into mess. People, he added, were unable to meet daily expenditure and afford the education of their children. He said thousands had lost jobs in past 15 months of the PTI government. The educated youth, he said, was frustrated seeing no employment opportunities in government and private sectors. He said the parliament was inactive and a one-man show was running in the country.

On diplomatic front, he said, the government was badly failed to contest the case of Kashmir. He said the jugular vein of the country was in control of the enemy but Islamabad was silent. He warned the rulers against the designs of India, saying it was time to act bravely in support of the people of Kashmir. He said the JI would hold Kashmir March in Islamabad on December 22 to show solidarity with the Kashmir brethren.