LAHORE – Gwadar Shipping and Clearing Agents Association (GSCAA) have submitted their plea to the ministry of finance and TCP to reconsider the decision of the Economic Coordination Committee, to import urea via Karachi ports.

GSCAA demanded government to reconsider its decision of giving the business to Karachi port and help the province of Balochistan by diverting imported urea shipment to Gwadar. GSAA also said that it firmly believes that continuing to offload at Gwadar Port will not only benefit the development of the province, but will also prove to be a more cost effective option in the long term . This was stated by GSCAA representatives in a press briefing. Abdul Rahim Zafar, President of Association, Hameed Baloch and Majeed Baloch represented the GSAA. Highlighting the recent key achievements of Gwadar port Mr. Zafar said ‘Since 20th November 2011, Gwadar Port has offloaded a total of 722,000 tons of urea in a record time of 40 days, hence enabling the government to meet the nation wide demand of urea.’ Explaining the monetary dynamics of business in Gwadar Mr. Zafar stated ‘Gwadar Port has an average draught of 12.5 meters whereas Karachi Port Trust has a maximum draught size of 11.6 meters. Gwadar Port because of its draught size has the ability to manage ships carrying a cargo equivalent to 50,000 tons at a time, whereas Karachi Port Trust can only manage cargo equivalent up to 35,000 tons. It is this facility which enabled the government to order a larger amount of urea in a short span of time - a major saving of the country’s foreign exchange.’

Carrying the conversation forward Mr. Hameed Baloch, Member GSCAA said ‘Free of cost warehousing facility was provided at Gwadar Port prior to its transportation to the mainland. No other port in Pakistan offers this service.’ ‘Due to the heavy traffic of ships at Karachi Port, a hefty amount of demurrage has to be paid by the government in the form of foreign exchange to the ships that have been detained. Gwadar, on the other hand is able to facilitate all those that berth there which allows for the cargo to be offloaded more efficiently,’ he added.