LAHORE – Despite the strict order of Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif last year for evacuating the China Scheme from cattle, buffaloes, cows to keep the area free of heaps of garbage, dung to combat the dengue virus. After passing one year milkmen of the area have dominated the administration by not implementing the order from the Chief Minister.Herds of buffaloes, cows can be seen everywhere throughout the China Scheme and roads remained covered with dung of the animals which are the main cause of mosquitoes and dengue production. The experts have been predicted severe attack of dengue virus compare to last year because of enhanced population of the deadly mosquitoes due to acute dirty places and lack of improper spray arrangements.A large number of residents of the area along with the General Secretary of Khizra Welfare Society Dr Amanet Ali have appealed the Khadim –i- Aala to take stern action to evacuate the cattle outside the scheme.