ISLAMABAD - In order to pay tribute to Dr Atta ur Rehman’s eminent services as leading scholar and proficient scientist, renaming ceremony of NUST Centre of Virology and Immunology (NCVI) as Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences was held on Tuesday. The renaming ceremony was held at NUST Campus with Dr Atta-ur-Rahman being the chief guest and Rector NUST, Engineer Muhammad Asghar in the chair and it was attended by large number of academic scientists from different institutions like Dr Anwar Naseem, members of NUST administration, Principals and Deans of NUST Constituent Schools/Colleges and the faculty and students of NCVI. Addressing the science community at the occasion, Prof Atta said, “Pakistan can make rapid progress through development of science, technology and education and for that government must carry on the momentum which was accelerated in 2002.”He said imposing cuts on science, technology and education funding will push Pakistan back into Dark Ages and shall waste the billions spent so far for advancement in higher education, science, technology and research.He also asserted that the scholars should realize the urgency of directing all their energies towards personalized evolution of innovative sciences. He was of the view that Pakistan had never been victimized by the scarcity of individual talent, potential and natural resources; the only need was to exploit all those reservoirs.The Rector NUST, Engr Muhammad Asghar while expressing his gratitude to the venerable scientist on consenting to name the Centre after him graded Dr Atta-ur-Rehman as an icon within the academic circles. He further added that it was only through his extremely dedicated and committed endeavours that Pakistan was able to achieve laurels in higher education.  Engr Muhammad Asghar also urged the youth to follow the footsteps of the person of a great stature like Dr Atta who was the best model of distinctions in academia and professionalism at work. He also emphasized the urgency of excelling in the field of sciences and technology in order to make a mark and also to be recognised as a nation with sound intellect within the academia.In his opening remarks, while giving an overview about NCVI’s journey since its birth in 2007, Prof Dr Muhammad Ashraf, Principal NCVI highlighted various accomplishments within the short span of time. He specifically made mention of the Centre’s mission to contribute towards eradication of animal and plant infectious and autoimmune diseases like Dengue, Hepatitis B/C, Cotton Leaf Curl Virus, Wheat Rust, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus Type II, etc. Professor Atta-ur-Rahman has, to his credit, more than 850 publications in organic chemistry including 663 research publications, 103 books, 18 patents and 65 chapters in research books published major US and European presses.