KARACHI - The 40-feet long whale, found dead by a jetty in Karachi, was sold for Rs 1.7 million on Tuesday. Mehmood Khan, the owner of the Charai Fishery, said that the whale shark was spotted unconscious 10 days ago, 150 kms away from the fishery. Two cranes were called in to fish the dead whale shark out of the water, which was approximately 40 to 50-feet long and six-feet wide. Both cranes failed to pull out the fish and were sent back as at least three more cranes were required to carry out the task.Later, more cranes, capable of lifting heavier weights, were called in, which successfully pulled the fish out after several hours of continued efforts.The dead fish remained the focus of interest for the media and the curious onlookers during the whole process. People struggled to see the dead shark at the shore and cranes struggled to lift it, as the news spread Karachiites rushed towards Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority. This is not the first time Karachi beach has welcomed such a massive fish carcass. Last September, a 25-feet long dead whale washed ashore Karachi beach attracting a large number of spectators.