MULTAN – PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has lashed out at Prime Minster Yousuf Raza Gilani for asking political leaders to come to him for holding talks on early elections after budget. He said it was unbecoming of the prime minister to ask the political leaders to go to him for talk on snap polls. “We are not begging,” Nawaz said, adding that the opposition parties were demanding early polls because the government had failed to deliver.  He said the PML-N was not afraid of Senate polls nor did it oppose them. Nawaz warned the youth that those talking of change tried to trap them by showing false dreams while his party took solid steps to bring about a real revolution and true change in the country. “We’ve pulled the youth out of the age of slate and takhti (wooden board) and brought them into the era of laptops. We want them to lead the world. This is the real change,” he said while addressing the participants of a function held to distribute laptops among students at Bahauddin Zakariya University on Tuesday.He warned the youth to beware of those, who were trying to trap them. “They are trying to change values and culture in the name of politics. Beware of them and never give up your culture,” he advised them. He lamented that the PML-N was punished twice for bringing about change but it would still continue its journey towards the progress and prosperity of the country. He said mountains of hurdles were erected in the way of PML-N to prevent it from working. “Just ask Shahbaz Sharif that how many difficulties were created in the way of this project to give you these laptops,” he asked the students. He hoped that this project would produce many Arfa Karims and brilliant computer scientists who would turn Pakistan into the best country of the world.He disclosed that three lakh more laptops would be given to the students of Punjab in June this year. “It’s just the beginning. We’re going to distribute about 115,000 laptops till March in first phase,” he added. He said Chief Minister Shahbaz deserved applauds for launching this scheme. He said the decision to grant laptops to the students was made on merit. “The laptops are being given irrespective of colour, race, area or political affiliation of the applicants,” he added. He said the critics objected to all projects launched by the PML-N government. “We’ve a vision. We think 50 years ahead. Today the time has proved that we’re heading in right direction.” He said the laptop distribution programme was part of the journey the PML-N started in 1990 in terms of fibre optic project.He said the PPP was in power in the centre while provinces were under the rule of different parties but it was only the PML-N that gave computers to the students. “It’s reflective of our revolutionary vision. That’s why we were thrown out of government twice. But neither did we change our policy in the past nor do we in future,” he asserted, adding that Pakistan led the race of progress during both PML-N eras and it even left India far behind in the development. He said the laptop project cost Rs12 billion and PML-N was determined to go to any extent for making it successful. “Even if we need to spend Rs1200 billion, we’ll do it,” he declared. He lamented that the guard of honour was presented to dictators like Musharraf in the past but it was for the first time that students received this protocol. He asked the students to work hard and raise Pakistan’s name in the world.On demand by BZU Vice Chancellor Dr Khawaja Alqama and MNA Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, the PML-N Quaid announced that engineering and agriculture universities would be established in Multan soon. “I’ll talk to Shahbaz as soon as I go back and ask him to set up these universities,” he added. He further announced that Wifi internet facility would be given to all schools, colleges, universities and residential areas soon.