LAHORE - Rana Ikram Rabbani, a former Punjab minister, has urged the country’s political and religious leadership to provide the nation a clean and healthy political environment free of bitterness, hostility and confrontation. In a press statement issued on Tuesday, he said that destructive trend of politics of negativism and untouchability had distorted country’s body politic as wells as society in the last few decades.

“We must not be governed on majority and minority. Governance must become unifying, not divisive in the practice”, he observed, adding that it was in the mindless manner of the domination of majority that had made opposition and ruling parties like permanent adversaries. He urged the need for developing national consensus on all major issues confronting the nation by all political parties, religious groups, stake holders and all sections of life through dialogue.

For the people, he added, the real issue was law & order, load shedding of power and gas, jobs, health, education and price hike. In view of these issues, he added, the national agenda should be a sincere and solemn covenant aimed at changing the content and culture of the nation, freeing it from the curses of fear, hunger and corruption, thus transforming it into a Pakistan that is prosperous, strong, self sufficient, confident and at peace within and the world.