LAHORE - Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly, Raja Riaz has submitted a privilege motion in the Assembly Secretariat against Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah, maintaining that the latter had breached his and entire House’s privilege by not honouring his commitment to bring chief minister Punjab in the Assembly.

The opposition leader wants discussion over his motion during next session of the Assembly and also some action against the law minister by the Speaker who can issue any direction to the minister as per law. However, a privilege motion could become part of the Assembly agenda only with the prior consent of the Speaker who has the authority to reject any motion, resolution etc which, in his opinion, is not appropriate.

The information regarding submission of a motion against the law minister was disclosed by Raja Riaz himself when he visited the site of a collapsed medicine factory on Tuesday. Raja said that law minister had given an assurance to the House last Friday that Shahbaz Sharif would come to the Assembly on Monday to wind up the debate on deaths caused by spurious drugs provided at the PIC pharmacy, but the CM did not make it to the Assembly on that day.  Commenting on the factory collapse incident, Raja termed it a bad example of Punjab government’s good governance. He alleged that the factory was sealed in the past but was opened again on the instructions of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif.