LAHORE – Good weather and increase in hydel generation on Tuesday made able the electricity managers to provide uninterrupted electricity supply to the millions of consumers across the country.

However, the insiders believe that this ‘no loadshedding journey’ will end within two months. They say that the demand would start increasing after March and it is not possible to provide smooth supply to consumers in fast approaching summer season when the demand will touch about 20,000MW a day. “The government though has added about 3,300MW in the system during last four years of its tenure, the electricity consumption has increased.”

The Wapda owned GENCOs, IPPs, RPPs and hydel units on Tuesday generated 11,357MW for the National Grid against the almost same demand from the consumers’ side, said an official of the defunct PEPCO who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said that water outflow from the dams was increased and the hydel generation went up at 4,809MW, which during the last month remained below 1,500MW, he added.

Reportedly, the government is also injecting some money into IPPs to give people temporary relief, however, on power management side it was badly failed.  “How the gap would be fulfilled when the demand would touch 20,000MW in the sizzling heat of June, July while all the electricity generating units can produce 15,000MW to 16,000MW with their full generation capacity.”