This is with reference to the heinous act of brutality by the veiled killers whose acts have been observed in last couple of days in Karachi, ex-capital of our republic and perpetual rest-place of our supreme leader. Although, he transformed the dream of separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent in reality and hoped for the prosperity of the country but unfortunately, Karachi is the city, now days, where no rule of law exists. Affected masses and intelligentsia of state are requiring the government functionaries to bring out the backstage ugly players who played this atrocious shoot on the soil of Quaid-i-Azam. I am unable to understand that why target killers are allowed to do such heinous acts with innocent in the ubiquitous surveillance of Ranger and Police in the biggest city of state. The latest violence claimed the life of some police incumbents along with common men which is quite perplexing. An FIA officer was targeted with plotted bomb in Quetta a couple of day ago. Rule of law is totally expelled by law enforcement agencies while the target killers are doing their desired in broad day light. Print and electronic media is howling for the investigation of these pathetic incidents. But I am sure that even a bit of truth will not be lime lighted because mostly the violence is backed up by political kingpin parties who are also allies of ruling party in federation. This surety is on the basis of prolonged act of ignoring importance of demographic and economic position of Karachi and Balochistan, which I felt. Being supporting pillars of current incumbent government, how these vested interests could be questioned for this bloodshed? These political parties are following the pattern of USA and India to create hegemony and control over the areas where their interests belong to. This happened not once. Such incidents have become casual. I am feeling very sorry to the departed soul of our prime leader who wished for a peaceful and harmonious Pakistan. He developed the dream of Allama Iqbal in reality, but his own dream of Pakistan as esteemed state, is still a dream. National and international analysts are of the view that Pakistan is in acute danger owing to internal factor like deploring security mechanism, corruption, energy crisis, and weaknesses of state key institutions as compared to external aggression of accomplice conspirators. We have already lost our king prime ministers Liaqat Ali Khan, Z. A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto due to lapse of security. We have failed to liberate Z. A. Bhutto from a dictator, who hanged him on the basis of baseless verdict, penned down by the then PCO judge. It was the time when enforcement of law and supremacy of constitution blatantly violated. No doubt these leaders were renowned to the world but they are no more now. Almighty Allah blessed them with the ability to induce the world over the agenda of Pakistan. Just like these lost pearls, Karachi as a commercial and economic hub of country and Balochistan as a blessed land with mammoth natural resources, are at the verge of disintegration owing to the meagre position of law and order situation because a number global conspiracies have been evolved to destabilize these portions of country.

The need of the hour is that our policymakers and supreme security guards ought to evolve a system of security which protects not only collective interest of nation but also fulfil the needs of individual citizen in all senses. If it becomes possible without political influence, there would be no hurdle in the way of foreign investment in the country. Our political force should also have to mend their minds to think beyond their individual interest. Our long lasting success and prosperity is real target which could be materialised by resolving all the disputes peacefully and eliminating the bias. Policy of table-talk is always effective whether it is pursued at national level or international level to end all the conundrums of intense nature.


Sahiwal, February 5.