ISLAMABAD - Peaceful atmosphere of the Federal Capital is again jeopardized by the elements that do not want to see peace and stability, a prerequisite for the economic and political stability. Once again the residents of the capital has been pushed in a state of shock from which they were struggling to recover since long. It is pertinent to mention here that last Sunday's blast was the first major suicidal act in the current year after the bomb blast in Abpara market claiming the lives of many police personals after Lal Masjid operation. Expressing their views in a survey conducted by TheNation people from different walks of life were of the view that they had just come out of the nightmare of the Lal Masjid operation. Muhammad Ammar, a bank employee in Melody branch, noted that every day on the lunchtime Food Street was full of people and mealtime was the major rush hours of the day here but after the explosion, Food Street is almost deserted. "On every Monday rush is observed in the Melody Market but due to explosion it gives a deserted look as people are again murmuring about the security issue", he added. Salman Khan said residents were not getting the basic necessities of life easily and already suffering while getting the commodities and now another gift, fear of their life, multiplied their problems. "Happening of this particular incident is a big lapse of security agencies", he added. Adnan Malik, resident of the area, was of the view that after a long time people were feeling security of their lives and they were coming out from their houses (thanks to power outage) for outing along with their families with out any fear but after the recent blast they will again confine themselves to homes. Muhammad Amin, a shopkeeper of Melody Market noted that the country could not bear these sort of suicidal activities. He added that Islam is a peaceful religion but these kinds of activities are carried out by the anti-social elements to tarnish the country image in the comity of nations.  Jabran Ashraf, another resident of the area, while criticizing the polices of the government said that the people were thinking that the new elected government would provide them basic amenities and employment opportunities for the youth but the government completely failed to deliver and sense of deprivation is again prevailing in the country.