KARACHI - Despite withdrawal of GST and provision of subsidy the dealers of the fertilizers are fleecing the farmers by charging more than the prescribed prices of DAP and Urea, sources told The Nation on Monday. After the abolition of GST on Urea, the actual price of this fertilizer should have been around Rs 590 per bag, but the fertilizer was being sold at Rs 670, said sources. Similarly, the DAP is being sold at Rs 3400 per bag after the abolition of GST, while its actual price should have been in the range of Rs 2700/bag, sources said, adding the artificial shortage of the fertilizer is being created to extort money from the growers. The representatives of growers' organizations in Punjab and Sindh told The Nation that the DAP and Urea fertilizer were not being provided on the prices matching with the subsidy announced in the budget nor the relief of abolition of GST on sale of urea passed on to growers so far. The positive impact of abolition of GST must be seen in the shape of decrease of Rs90 per bag of urea but instead of this, government has allowed the manufacturers to further increase in the prices of fertilizers, growers said, adding that government has not implemented the promised relief of subsidy to farmers so far. Calculating the impact of abolition of GST on fertilizer, the representatives were of the view that the urea prices should be less than Rs590-per bag which was factory rate prior to the start of new fiscal 2008-09. The Punjab growers suggested the urea prices of Rs590-per bag while Sindh farmers' organizations representatives calculated it Rs515-pre bag as always there has been traditional difference in the prices of commodity in both provinces due to transportation expenditure and long distance.    Instead of providing relief to growers announced in the budget, growers said the government has allowed the fertilizer companies to increase the Urea price to Rs625-per bag which diminished the expected benefit of subsidy and abolition of GST on fertilizer for growers. Ibrahim Mughal Chairman Pak Agri Forum while talking to The Nation confirmed that the result of Rs11 billion subsidy on DAP and abolition of GST has not yielded as the manufacturers have increased the prices of urea fertilizer. The urea prices reached Rs650-per bag and above while DAP still being sold on Rs3400-per bag in various areas of Punjab, he pointed out and added, government should take concrete measures for practical results of providing relief which was announced in budget. Calculating the impact of Rs1000 of subsidy on per bag of DAP, he suggested that current prices should be Rs2700-per bag of commodity in domestic market but government failed to implement its promised announced in the budget so far. Despite the recent surge in the prices, he informed that the due to maneuvering of fertilizer manufacturers and dealers, the DAP and Urea were not available in market in Punjab. Abdul Majeed Nizamani president Sindh Abadgar Board said the government has allowed the fertilizer companies to fleece the growers as manufacturers and dealers making profit through selling the commodity on their own prices. He questioned the utilization of Rs11 billion subsidies to fertilizer manufacturers and abolition of GST on urea and said the growers were not benefited from the relief announced in the budget for them as the prices of commodity have soared from earlier level. He also pointed the acute shortage of fertilizer in Sindh especially urea because the cotton, sugar cane and other crops needed this fertilizer when these are in final stage of harvesting. Meanwhile, the off take of DAP has decreased to significant level in Sindh due to its prices were going out of reach of farmers, he said, adding that crops are in final stage of harvesting so the use of urea was more beneficial than DAP. While a fertilizer dealer Malik Abid Hussain based in Nawabshah while talking to The Nation disclosed that manufacturers has not delivered the stocks of DAP which were booked in May 2008 by dealers as transporters enhanced the fares large level.