Inspector-General Punjab Shaukat Javed Monday unveiled an alleged plot of suicide attack on President Pervez Musharraf, reported a private TV channel. He said Umm-e-Hasaan, wife of Lal mosque Khatib Abdul Aziz, was allegedly preparing her volunteering female students for carrying out the suicide attack. Earlier, IG Punjab disclosed that two double-cabin suspicious vehicles had entered into the limits of Punjab. One of the cars is off white while the other is red. Meanwhile, Punjab police officials have termed the news item as baseless saying that the IG has issued no such statement about Umm-e-Hasaan's involvement in any plot on President's life. Reacting to the statement, Umm-e-Hasaan said that she and her supporters neither backed suicide attacks nor encouraged such elements involved in suicide bombings. She termed the IG's statement a negative propaganda and demanded Chief Minister Punjab to investigate into the version. Online adds: Umm-e-Hasaan wife of former Khateeb Lal Masjid Maulana Abdul Aziz has said Islamabad bomb blast is horrendous conspiracy of President Musharraf and agencies, adding no Jihadi group and Taliban are involved in this explosion. She said this while talking to the journalists on the wreckage of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid on Monday. "Musharraf is "Yazid of this era and I am "Zainab" of caravan of Hussain Shaheed. Innocent students of Jamia Hafsa were subjected to Karbala like atrocities and barbarity. Islam spreads when brutalities are perpetrated", she underscored. She demanded army chief should arrest Musharraf and he be impeached. Army personnel who participated in operation silence had gone mentally deranged, she added. Army should tell us where the terrorists had gone, she questioned. About 7000 girl students studied in Jamia Hafsa and now only 300 girl students are sitting in Jamia, she added. Government claimed there was high value target in Lal Masjid, Al-Qaeda militants were hiding therein and Osama bin Laden was leading Lal Masjid students, she said. Tell us today where that high value target was, she questioned. Bloody revolution will come in the country if the man who has martyred our students is given safe passage, she warned. "I swear that agencies are behind all the blasts in the country which want to swallow billion of the US dollars", she underlined. Nation should be informed where the trillion of rupees, which were acquired from the US in the name of war on terror, had been spent, she questioned. It is contempt of court that Jamia Hafsa has not been reconstructed despite Supreme Court orders, she regretted. The students have run their patience and situation in the country is getting worse day by day, she remarked. Only Islamic order will guarantee the protection of federation of this country, she added.