LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan has blamed the ruling coalition for giving a new lease of life in power to Pervez Musharraf by its confused policy on his impeachment. It said the military operation in Fata has again triggered suicide bombings in the country while a flawed planning and ambiguous policies of the government had pushed it to an extremely poor law and order situation. Instead of providing any relief to the masses, the government through a steep increase in the petroleum and gas prices has made their life more miserable which is going to further by the pipeline increase in the power tariff and rail fares. It was an irony that that dollar was getting down all over the world but in Pakistan its value was continuously spiralling against rupee which clearly indicated at the state economy in a shambles, stated JI through its Secretary General, Syed Munawar Hassan here Monday. Condemning the suicide attack on the innocent police persons and people in Islamabad on Sunday and expressing deep sorrow and grief over the killing, he said the tribal people were seriously concerned over the operation in Fata which, he added, had been resumed following the US-based dictations of Pervez Musharraf. The anti-state elements, he said, taking advantage of the situation had become active once again. The JI leader said the last elections gave a clear verdict against Pervez Musharraf and the policies he framed to serve the American interests and had hoped that the new government would deal with the situation in Fata and other restive areas through dialogue. But this did not come about under American pressure, which it had begun to mount on the new government even before its inception. He said it was the US pressure on the government that they were forgetting the issues of judges' restoration, release of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and others. He said the government got down to working with Musharraf and continue the war on terror on American terms. Hassan said the world acknowledges the fact that war was no solution to the problems but we were pursuing this course. PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, he said, wanted every disputes with India to be settled through dialogue but he had pointed gun at his own people. He said dialogues in Fata and Swat were bearing fruit and even peace accord was reached with the people but the 'responsible people of interior ministry' in collusion with Pervez Musharraf opened fire at the tribal people and now a strong resentment against the government existed in them. The PPP leadership, he said, was taking all decisions individually even without taking its coalition partners into confidence. Prior to elections, he said, the ruling parties had made tall claims of solving problems of the people and ensuring them basic needs of life but after coming into power, it raised the tariff of the utility services and introduced a terribly out of control price hike only to sustain its luxuries and cater to privileges at the cost of national exchequer. Addressing the issue of detention of a Pakistani lady in Afghanistan, he said, the detention was a big slap in the face of those who made Pakistan a front line ally in the war on terror. "Musharraf is also responsible for the four-years long imprisonment of the lady as he had already sold out many citizens to America for money", he alleged demanding immediate efforts to secure release of the lady.