LAHORE - Eminent intellectual columnist, playwright, also the Secretary Punjab Information Culture and Youth Affairs, Orya Maqbool Jan has said that it is customary to provide basic information on our national heroes and leaders to the young generation by the government but unfortunately in Pakistan, the situation is contrary to this, adding that it is however, appreciable that this responsibility has been taken by the Nazaria Pakistan Trust (NPT) rather than the government itself. He was addressing the young scholars at the 12th day of the Nazariati Summer School of the NPT at Aiwan-e-Karkunaan-e-Tehreek-e-Pakistan on Monday. Orya Jan said that in the USA, children were given understanding about their leaders at an early age. Children learned more in their adolescence that was why Western countries gave importance to their young scholars and emphasized to train them in such a way that they could become a useful citizen of their respective countries. The secretary said it was our mistake that we did not give comprehensive information about our heroes to our young ones and that was the reason why our new generation did not know much about the Pakistan movement and the sacrifices laid for the achievements of the country. The entire Muslim community was passing through a period of turmoil and felt embarrassment to introduce their heroes to other nationals while in fact, they (natinal heroes) were characterized luminaries, he added. The secretary pointed that Western countries had taken maximum benefit of our discoveries and had developed their countries because of the knowledge they derived from Muslim scholars He said even western people today wanted to know more and more about Muslim scholars and philosophers like Allama Iqbal, Bu Ali Sina, Ibn-ul-Haisham and Jabir Bin Hayan but regrettably, we did not know much about them. Orya Jan advised the children to feel proud of being a Pakistani and also for having such enriched history inherited by the Muslim leaders. Giving American example, he told that the majority of Americans lead depressed lives but when asked who you were, they without delay said, they were Americans, irrespective of their faith or religion. Orya advised the adolescent scholars that they should become staunch Muslims first and then devoted Pakistani so that country could be put on the road to progress and peace.