KUALA LUMPUR - In a startling disclosure, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Monday said that Laskhar-e-Islam's chief Mangal Bagh, the most influential warlord in Khyber Agency, had offered all-out support to candidates in the general elections for their victory provided they took oath to help facilitate suicide bombings in the Parliament. Talking to the newsmen onboard his special plane on way to Kaula Lumpur to attend the D-8 Summit, Prime Minister Gilani said, "Mangal Bagh told the candidates, "You could win the elections very easily but for that you have to take oath to help carry out suicide bombings in the parliament." Prime Minister also told the newsmen earlier that those who were involved in gory acts of terror wanted to destabilise the country and for that they were being funded with huge sums of drugs money." "They want to set a parallel government but that's unacceptable for us as it's the main function of government to provide protection to the lives and property of citizens," Gilani added. Prime Minister Gilani blamed the chief of outlawed Laskhkar-e-Islam for devising plans to bomb the Parliament at a critical time when security forces have launched an offensive against Mangal Bagh and other warlords in Khyber Agency to restore the writ of the government in the restive tribal area. The Prime Minister said that terrorists involved in torching girls schools, destroying tourist resorts and beheading the people, were doing all that in the name of religion but all of their practices were against Islam and Sharia. He also talked about the conspiracies by certain political elements against the government and said, "Those involved in such conspiracies believe that they could take over after the removal of our government but let me tell them very clearly that if that happened nothing would be left and the whole system could be wrapped up," he said. "They will have to wait for another 11 years long period for the democracy as there is no such leader as Benazir Bhutto Shaheed to sacrifice her life for the cause of democracy," Gilani said. Earlier, talking about the performance of his government in the first 100 days, he said that a committee formed for monitoring what the various ministries had done would soon give him a report after which he would address the nation and talk about the achievements. "Even if there are some failures we will talk about them too and accept the responsibility for that. If some ministries do not meet the public expectations they would undergo drastic changes and the ministers too could be removed," the Prime Minister said. He said, "Now we have crossed serious hurdles like formation of coalition governments and passing of budget etc. We are looking forward to take concrete measures for addressing the problems of the masses". "The people now want action, they are no more for words and what we pledge now is that we will not fail them as they have given us the mandate to better their lot and put the country on the path of development," he said. When asked about the recent statement of President Musharraf that he was not afraid of anything and remained silent intentionally, the Prime Minister said that he too could come up with such statements. However, he added that what was more important was the fact that the President had to perform his constitutional responsibilities and the Prime Minister too had to work in accordance with the Constitution. The Prime Minister avoided to comment in detail when asked about the exchange of harsh statements between President Musharraf and the renowned nuclear scientist, Dr AQ Khan, and said it was a very sensitive issue. Later, The Prime Minister was accorded warm welcome upon reaching the Malaysian capital. He will attend the summit of eight major Islamic countries here today (Tuesday) along with the leaders from Indonesia, Iran and Bangladesh and host country Malaysia. APP adds: The D-8 compromises Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Turkey. It was set up in 1997 as an economic alliance with the objective of improving the position of developing Muslim countries in the global world economy through the diversification of their economies by creating new opportunities via increased trade relations. The theme of 6th Summit is "Meeting Challenges Through Innovative Cooperation."  This is the first time that Malaysia is hosting the D-8 Summit. The last summit was hosted by Indonesia, the current chairman of D-8, in Bali, Indonesia. The D-8 presidency would be handed over to Malaysia by the group's current Chairman President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Malaysia would be D-8's president for two years.