LAHORE - Besides extending the imposition of Section 144 through out the province for another month, the Punjab government has put the security on high alert in the aftermath of the Sunday's Islamabad blast and Monday's Karachi blasts. Moreover, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued instructions to the Provincial Police Officer for security beef up in the province and for directing all the District Police Officers and the Regional Police Officers for intensifying the security measures in the markets and busy places besides evolving an effective security plan for the safety of life and property of the citizens. The Home Department has also extended Section 144 through out the province for another month, and an order has been issued in this regard on Monday. According to a source of the Provincial Home Department, after blasts on two consecutive days in two major cities of the country, the provincial Department has placed the Punjab Police on high alert, and increased its presence at various important buildings and points of the province, while directing the other enforcement agencies to remain constantly vigilant. "The Department is in constant liaison with all the concerned departments, and holding meetings to get the latest information about the steps being taken and their implementation, besides outlining the future strategy," he told The Nation. According to him, the Home Department is constantly in coordination with the intelligence agencies, and the recent reports show no immediate threat of terrorism to the province. "The Punjab Police has been already on the high alert since the operation had started in the troubled tribal areas. Earlier, the Punjab government had received intelligence reports that Lahore was also under the threat, but so far there is no information as such. However, the provincial authorities have beefed up security arrangements, and are constantly exchanging information with intelligence agencies. We are in the process of developing foolproof security system through out the province, as the administration is not interested in making major cities secure," he said. The police have been directed to carry out round-the-clock patrolling and checking of hotels, guesthouses, railway stations, bus terminals and other important and sensitive places in the provincial cities. "However, there is need to sensitise people regarding the terrorist activities so that the society could also contribute towards this," he suggested. The sources also disclosed that the security of the Punjab Civil Secretariat had been also handed over to the Punjab Home Department. Earlier, it was with the Welfare and Protocol Wing of the Services and General Administration Department. While Secretary Home Department Nadeem Hassan Asif checked the security himself in the morning.