PESHAWAR - At least 16 persons, including four foreigners, were killed and several others injured when a US drone targeted two compounds of militants with missiles at Zangara area near Ladha, South Waziristan Agency, on Tuesday morning. Twelve militants died on the spot whereas several others were wounded in the deadly drone hit, eyewitnesses and tribesmen said. However, some independent sources informed that 16 people, including four foreigners, were killed in the attack. However, no official statement was issued till the filing of this report. Soon after the missile attack, local militants cordoned off the site and shifted dead bodies to some unknown place. Tribesmen belonging to Shabikhel clan of Mehsud tribe dominate the area. Baitullah Mehsud also belongs to the same tribe. It was the fourth such attack during the last three weeks against the alleged militants camping in strongholds of Baitullah Mehsud. AFP/Reuters) - The US missile strike pulverised a compound in the Zangara area, a stronghold of Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud, killing 16 foreign and local militants, security officials said. One missile struck a Taliban hideout in the hamlet of Chinakai, killing foreign and local militants, said a security official on condition of anonymity in a reference to suspected Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. A high-ranking official described the target as a former office of Mehsud, who has a five-million-dollar price on his head and a bounty of $615,000 in Pakistan for allegedly masterminding multiple deadly bombings. Sixteen militants were killed and at least eight others wounded in the missile strike. Four among the dead are foreigners and the remaining are locals, a security official told AFP. The official said that up to 17 people were killed. It was not immediately clear whether any high-value target was present at the time of the strike. The nationalities of the foreigners were also not immediately known. Another security official confirmed the number of casualties and said 12 bodies had already been pulled from under the rubble of the compound, which was destroyed in the strike. Residents said that two Pakistani military aircraft flew over the area shortly after the missile strike. Tuesdays attack came four days after another suspected US drone targeted the hideout of Noor Wali, a commander allied to Mehsud elsewhere in South Waziristan and killed at least seven militants. Meanwhile, two paramilitary soldiers were killed and nine security personnel wounded in three bomb attacks in North and South Waziristan, a security official said. The military said four militants were killed, including a brother of Ibn-e-Amin, one of the most-wanted Taliban commanders in the Swat Valley, but official death tolls have been impossible to confirm independently. Our Monitoring Desk adds: intelligence officials said two missiles struck the base in the South Waziristan tribal region, reports The New York Times. An intelligence official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said three Uzbek militants were killed along with 13 local Taliban militants.