Islamabad - Just three days have remained for Muhammad Waqas to be hanged to death in China on charges of receiving a consignment of narcotics. But his poor family members insist, he is innocent and rather has been implicated in the case by a powerful smuggling racket.

Back in 2009, an agent lured Waqas, the native of Gujjar Khan, for giving him a good job in China and he was happy to get the offer. Upon his arrival in China, he was asked to receive a consignment of goods as it would be his permanent job.

However, Chinese authorities arrested him on the spot when they discovered that the consignment was full of heroin and hashish and was sent to jail until his date of hanging was fixed as July 11.

According to Noshila Kosar, her husband Waqas was not allowed to move court in China and defend himself complaining that the Pakistani embassy in China did not extend help to Waqas neither allowed him to plead his innocence.

She said that family members were not even informed about his arrest so that they could play their role for assisting the imprisoned Pakistani adding they were informed in late 2010 by a relative about the arrest of Waqas.

"Waqas should be given a chance to fight his case. He has been subjected to physical torture and is served with unhygienic food. He is not even given his right to hire a lawyer," Noshila told The Nation in a choked voice.

She has been protesting outside the Parliament House for the past several months but to no avail.

"I have been left with no option but to set myself on fire outside the Foreign Office. Time is running out and we seek government help in this case. I know he is innocent. He should be given a chance to prove himself innocent," she added.

She appealed to President and Prime Minister to help her innocent husband and take the issue with Pakistani mission in China or at least grant a chance to her imprisoned husband to hire his lawyer for fighting his case.