ISLAMABAD - PEMRA has strictly warned cable TV network operators to refrain from any activity that opposes the PEMRA laws and the terms and conditions of their licenses.

PEMRA took this step to pursue the various public complaints against many cable TV operators regarding the telecast of illegal TV channels, excessive and vulgar CD channels, the off-airing of PEMRA licensed TV channels as well as the frequent change of licensed channel numbers or positions.

The operators have been explicitly cautioned that the engaging in the latter two acts without permission is illegal and ultra-wires to the PEMRA Ordinance.

PEMRA has also asked cable operators to immediately stop the distribution of illegal TV channels as well as CD channels; any non-compliance to this directive will result in heavy fines, suspension or revocation of the cable operator’s licenses under the PEMRA laws.

Moreover, PEMRA has appealed the general public to report any such violation by their cable TV service provider on their website or toll free number.