ISLAMABAD- The Supreme Court (SC) has summoned a report from IG Islamabad on the disciplinary action taken against the police officers and a detailed progress report regarding the accused in the anti -judiciary banners case.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja highlighted the court’s concern for citizen security which he emphasised as being the obligation of the state.

He further observed, “One month and fourteen days have elapsed but the whereabouts of Fardandan-e- Islam could not be located.” According to him, the police negligence is visible. He added, “We want a solution to banners issue. This matter can’t be left this way.”

The Deputy Attorney General (DAG) informed that each issue was being managed accordingly—explanatory responses filed by authorities (including IG Islamabad); action undertaken against the accused; an inquiry team launched to seek an explanation for police negligence with show-cause notices issued to some officers.

Justice Jawwad mentioned the alleged death of Khawaja Khalid in 2011 which wouldn’t explain his raising banners now. The hearing of the case was adjourned till July 22, 2014.