ISLAMABAD  - In an attempt to modernise and strengthen Islamabad capital territory police, authorities have established an intelligence wing.

“It’s true that Islamabad capital territory police have established an intelligence wing. Initially three officials would be deputed at each police station to gather intelligence for police force,” Muhammad Ali Nekokara, Senior Superintendent of Islamabad Police, told The Nation on Monday. He added the intelligence wing of ICT police would be strengthened and made a separate cadre with the passage of time.

The decision to establish the intelligence wing at each police station was taken recently. Authorities did not make fresh recruitment for intelligence wing; rather, officials have been taken from various departments of ICT police to establish the new wing. Experts from Investigation Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI) are tasked to train the officials of the intelligence wing.

The Nation has learnt that primary responsibility of newly established police intelligence wing would be to gather intelligence about the demonstrations and protests as well as about insurgent outfits in their respective jurisdiction.

The top officials of ICT police believe that establishment of intelligence wing would lessen dependency on Special Branch and other sources of intelligence. In a bid to make them able for this job, proper training of officials kicked off from Monday.

“It is of crucial importance that appropriate training inputs are given for developing the right attitude and imparting the relevant knowledge and skills to improve the intelligence gathering mechanism to meet the growing challenges of terrorist and insurgent outfits. This is why ICT police have established its own Intelligence wing,” the SSP ICT police said.

The officials of police intelligence wing would rely largely on human sources; however, authorities plan to equip them with latest technology being used worldwide to gather intelligence. 

“To improve professionalism and enhance operational efficiency, use of the latest technologies by intelligence personnel is a must. We will provide the officials with required gadgets and tools,” the SSP said.