The price of Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) on Monday witnessed yet another consecutive increase of Rs 5 per kg in just two days, necessitating effective measures to arrest the unbridled rising trend in the commodity price.

The increase, what was described as unjustified by LPG distributors association, has been effected due to widening demand and supply gape. The association’s chairman Irfan Khokhar told that the price of domestic cylinder had been jacked up by Rs 50 and commercial cylinder by Rs 200.

He alleged the marketing companies had revived prices upwament producers such as Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), PSO and PARCO had increased the price of LPG.

He said the LPG producer’ price had been stable at Rs 74687 per ton, which translated one kilogram price at Rs 75 for the last six months, but the marketing companies were charging far above the prescribed rates, he added.

Given the verified calculations, he said masses should have one Kilogram of LPG at Rs 100 and domestic cylinder at Rs 1150, but unfortunately, he said, profiteers were earning Rs 30 to 40 in one Kilogram in black.

He said that association had convened a meeting on July 9 to work out a future strategy for preventing LPG black marketing and to press the government for taking action against these unethical business elements in the LPG sector, who were fleecing the poor masses through unjustified raises.

He said they would stage sit-in outside the OGRA office building, if no action was taken against the cartelization practices in the LPG market.

“Everywhere in the world, the prices of commodities are reduced at the time of religious festivals, but here, we see otherwise. The government needs to take notice and ensure LPG prices at affordable level for the month of Ramzan,” Irfan Khokhar said.

He dispelled the impression regarding shortage of LPG, saying there was adequate stock available for masses’ requirements and any raise in its price would be unfair and unjustified.