President Mango Growers Association Pakistan (MGAP) & Mango Growers Cooperative Society Limited (MGCSL) Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi has expressed concern over the uncertainty over mango export this season due to the lurking threats of ban by European Union.

Talking to The Nation here on Monday, he said that it is unfortunate that being the fifth largest producer of global mango, the hierarchy has never initiated any formidable policy in line with the global changes taking place. All our horticulture policies are implemented on ad-hoc basis and in line with donors preference while almost ninety nine percent of the mango growers are simply sidelined or provided lip services.

He said that ban on Indian Mango this year by EU was a wake-up call for the Ministry of Food Security and Research which formulated a strong rule of engagement to allow export of mangoes only from orchards which are mandatory cleared and certified by department of Plant Protection and Quality Control. The federal Minister Haji Sikander Hayat Bosan is on record to have stated that Pakistan would prefer to shrink its export figures than to allow uncertified fruit to travel to EU and induce ban.

Zahid Hussain Gardezi said it was pathetic that two consignment of Pakistan mango from certified mango orchards were intercepted in EU further three could clamp a ban. Zahid Gardezi said that the official of PP&QC Ministry of Food Security & Research had a premium role in certifying orchards for export and the infestation of second mango consignment shows the pathetic role of the monitory agencies back home. Zahid Gardezi believes that orchards hurriedly registered due to their association with donor agencies and influence have been the major reason. He lamented that small, medium and un-influential progressive growers who had made incredible and genuine efforts to qualify have been kept on the waiting list.

Zahid Hussain Gardezi said that it has become mandatory to eliminate the element of human error and save mango growers and exporters from losses due fruit fly infestation for all times by establishing commercial Common Facility Centres for Hot Water Treatment in Mango producing areas of the Country. He said this is necessitated due to exceptional quarantine restrictions being implemented globally which will become stricter day by day. 

Zahid Hussain Gardezi also desired to take stock of the mandate and activities of more than a dozen departments, agencies and donors helping Pakistan Mango Growers to produce good quality mango fruit and develop contemporary marketing Supply Chain who choose their own domain and stakeholders to help and urged a concerted efforts to develop Mango Industry through Clusters and Mango Cooperatives under a registered forum of Mango Growers Cooperative Society Limited. He said it is appropriate to say that at present development in Pakistan is tailored in shape of obligation, personal likes and dislikes. These activities have not helped towards betterment of the status of majority of common Mango Growers as large majority are left out.