ISLAMABAD - Rice exports from the country during eleven months of the financial year 2013-14 registered an increase of 14.50pc as compared to the same period of last year. During the period from July-May 2013-14, about 3,457,488 metric tons of rice worth $2.013b exported as compared to the exports of 3,154,258 metric tons valuing $1.758b during the corresponding period of last year. According the data of PBS, during the period under review exports of basmati rice witnessed 12.29 per cent increase as about 623,897 metric tons rice worth US$ 674.626 million exported which was recorded at 613,857 metric tons valuing $ 600.78 million in same period of last year.

Meanwhile, exports of others rice also grew by 15.64 per cent and reached at 2,833,591 metric tons valuing 1.338 billion which was recorded at 2,540,401 metric tons costing US$ 1.157 billion during first eleven months of last financial year.

However, the data reveled that exports of wheat and sugar remained on down track as their exports witnessed 86.79 per cent and 46.12 per cent decrease respectively. During the period from July-May, 2013-14, country managed to export 20,142 metric tons of wheat valuing US$ 7.05 million as compared to 168,874 metric tons valuing US$ 53.4 million of same period last year.

The data reveled that in eleven months of last financial year the exports of sugar was recorded at 580,080 metric tons costing 255.8 million as compared to the last year’s exports of 948,964 metric tons valuing US% 474.76 million of same period of last year.