She shocked the world when her latest Vogue cover came out featuring her wearing a baggy jumper and wellington boots. But Victoria Beckham has revealed she is open to trying different things when it comes to fashion.

Opening up about the different and rural Vogue shoot in a behind the scenes video, the 40-year-old said: ‘I’m never afraid to try something different when I’m working with the best people.’

The mother-of-four continued: ‘Doing a Vogue shoot is always very exciting - it’s Vogue and the team, the creative team, the photographer, the hair, the make-up, the styling, everything is the best.’

The video also features Vogue’s fashion director Lucinda Chalmers who reveals her thought process behind the shoot. Speaking as they shot in Surrey on a rainy day, she said: ‘We want to try do something we haven’t really seen her do before.  ‘She has a very particular look, very cool, very paired down and what I really wanted to do with her was really rough her up a bit.’ Victoria, who rose to fame in the Spice Girls, was more than happy to get involved though, revealing she loved working with Lucinda. ‘Lucinda, obviously, is so chic and so sophisticated and I really want to be her… immediately,’ she gushed.

In between shooting the designer, who is married to David Beckham, revealed a little about her fashion memories. ‘I always loved clothes as a child. I used to really enjoy watching my mother get dressed up,’ she shared. ‘My earliest childhood memory is sitting on her bed watching her and her attention to detail, putting her make-up on and doing her hair, she always looked fabulous.’ And talking about how she uses clothes these days she said: ‘I use clothes to express how I’m feeling myself and when designing clothes I like to empower women, I want to make them feel strong and beautiful and confident.’