Karachi    -   Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Sunday requested the prime minister to stop using references of Madinah state for his government.  “The prime minister reiterates his comparison with Medinah state but should tell if there was horse-trading or recovery of drugs from opponent’s vehicle in that exemplary state,” he said and added that there was no comparison between Medinah state and this incumbent government.

Speaking during a presser at Pakistan House along with other party leaders on the issues faced by Karachi, the former city mayor said that they could resolve all issues within six months with existing powers.

“I could complete K-IV water supply project within three years and will only charge a rupee for it without taking any perks from the government,” he said while offering to the government.

Kamal said that the government has failed to determine its priorities and instead of initially bringing confidence among masses over its policies, it imposed extraordinary taxes on masses soon after coming into power. “They should have waited for twwo years and should create a confidence among masses through their positive efforts and then ask the masses to give their input in the economy,” he said.

The PSP chief said that the party’s public gathering in the city on July 21 at Bagh-e-Jinnah opposite to Mazar-e-Quaid is aimed at raising voice for the issues of the city. “We will come out on the day for the future of the city and rights of the masses,” he said.

Responding to the video evidence from Maryam Nawaz against accountability judge, Mustafa Kamal called for its probe by state institutions so that it could be brought to its logical end. “If proven true or otherwise, strict action should be taken in any case,” he said.

Kamal also criticised the government for unnecessary taking up fight with the opposition parties on petty issues and said that this behavior was harming the economy and demoralising the business community.

He further criticised MQM-P for not making a better deal for Karachi in return of supporting federal budget. “Akhter Mengal negotiated over the budget and ensured recovery of 50 Baloch missing persons and other perks but MQM-P instead of asking for funds for development of Karachi only gave its votes for a mere ministerial post,” he said.

Kamal also announced that 120 activists and leaders from MQM-P, PTI, PML-F joined his party and said that it was honour for them that the party without having a councilor is joined by large number of activists from other parties.

Responding to the query over unity of factions representing Mohajir community, Kamal said that if their unity could bring water in houses, lifting of garbage and due rights for Mohajir community then they are ready for it unconditionally. “But unfortunately this is not going to happen as it is not about unity but charter of those in power,” he concluded.