LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari Sunday said the PML-N wanted to take politics to the point of no return.

The basic agenda of the PML-N was to make national institutions controversial and the Sharif Family had reputation of preparing bogus documents and tempered records.

While commenting on the prevailing political situation of the country, the minister said that those who were used to take themselves as above the law, would now have to be accountable, as New Pakistan means that every culprit would have to be taken to task.

The minister added that the N-League had reached to a dead end

which was quiet apparent from the frustration of its leadership. The PML-N leadership was trying to avoid punishment after grabbing national exchequer and wanted to create unrest in the entire country but Pakistani nation was well aware of the fact that punishment to a criminal was not an issue of national importance.

Pakistan had to go ahead under the able leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan leaving these issues behind, he asserted.

Sumsam Bukhari raised the question that how could the political elements, who did black deeds in the past, criticised others, and what kind of relief they wanted by making murderers and criminals their facilitator?