LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said it is the voice of every patriotic Pakistani that such charity of outsiders should be rejected, which brings dishonour to the country and entails bloodshed of innocent people, violation of aerial space of the country and force it to obey the command of others. The Punjab government has decided to give up the alms of outsiders and though it is a difficult decision, but history is witness to the fact that only those nations are successful which do not make any compromise on their honour and have the courage to take tough decisions, he said, while talking to assembly members of various districts regarding budget session at the Civil Secretariat here on Tuesday. Provincial Ministers and advisors were also present on the occasion. The CM added that we were out to save the honour of the country, and were ready to make any sacrifice to prove to the world that we could live without charities. He said no burden would be put on the common man in the next budget and by adopting austerity, indigenous resources would be developed and maximum funds would be utilised on public welfare projects. He also said that elected representatives were being thoroughly consulted in the preparation of provincial budget and various committees comprising peoples representatives were bring constituted for fixing the priorities regarding public-welfare projects. He said it had been decided with the consultation of Quaid PML-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the party not to take such aid which was in violation of national sovereignty. He said that despite all sacrifices Pakistan was not being trusted and it was being taken as a slave state, and now it was the voice of every Pakistani to get rid of the life of dishonour. What could be more disgraceful than the fact that despite unanimous resolution of the parliament, drone attacks are still continuing, he observed. Shahbaz Sharif said Saudi Arabia, China, Iran and Turkey were the real friends of Pakistan and had stood by it through thick and thin. After nuclear tests, Saudi Arabia extended all out cooperation to Pakistan and supplied free of cost oil for three years. China has also executed innumerable projects in Pakistan, he added. He said national resources were looted under the former government and those who robbed Punjab Bank and NICL of billions of rupees besides looting national resources, had been rewarded with ministries. He said how a society could survive in such conditions. On the contrary, he said, transparency is the hallmark of the Punjab government and every penny of public money is being utilized in a transparent manner. MPAs paid rich tributes to Quaid PML-N and CM Punjab on taking the bold decision of giving up foreign aid, and said they had represented the sentiments of 180 million people of Pakistan by taking this step.