ISLAMABAD - The Institute of Strategic Studies organised a public talk on 'The Role of Sports and Education' on Tuesday where renowned cricketer and former PCB chief executive Majid Khan shared his experiences. Majid while talking about sports said that it is not a pastime but it is one of the biggest industries in the world. He further said it is providing jobs to millions in the world. He told that every industry somehow is involved in sports activity even if as a component part. He highlighted that education and sports both are essential for a prosperous country. He shed light on the old education system and also on the drawbacks of the new education systems. He said, "We are paying for the "brain drain" as our students went abroad for higher education and then settle over there as they got better opportunities and jobs abroad." He further said that in the last 20 years sports have been neglected in the educational sector and at governmental level. He stated that one should be very good in sports and education, if not then at least in one of them but not mediocre in both. "Pakistan lacks in both and we are lacking far behind in not only education but in sports too," he elaborated. In the panel discussion Majid Khan addressed to the question posed by the participants, he said, "If we don't move with the modern world then we will stand nowhere and it's just because of lack of education and accountability."